Young people from Warrington, Northern Ireland and other communities come together to record a radio broadcast

March 20, 2013 | Nick Taylor

Young people have always been a focus of work at the Peace Centre and today a group will come together to record a radio programme called ‘Moving On’ for broadcast later in the week on Liverpool’s Radio City.

It is twenty years since the Warrington bombing, a major incident that happened as part of a long conflict within our country that led some people to take violent action.  For many young people the ethnic, political and religious differences that led to prejudice, discrimination and violence are now something taught in history lessons.  Such conflict is a thing of the past and we live in a far more progressive and peaceful society. Or do we?  Have we learned the lessons of the past or are we still making the same mistakes?

In this recording of ‘Late Night City’ Pete Price will host a gathering of young people from England and Northern Ireland who will join with an expert panel to consider how the world has moved on since the Warrington bombing. Is the ‘world’ a more peaceful place, why did the Warrington bombing happen and have we learnt the lessons to stop such incidents happening again, how do we tackle racial, political and religious conflict and respect individual identities.  What can we do to move on and what about those who have been affected by conflict, can they forgive and can they move on?

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive of the Foundation, said: “This is a chance for young people to have their voices heard, to make a difference and take positive action to ensure what happened in Warrington never happens again and that we are all moving on.

“This is a radio broadcast recorded by Bauer Media for transmission on Wednesday 20th March as part of Late Night City on Radio City and interviews to be recorded for other radio stations and associated media such as the internet.”

The event will be hosted by talk show legend Pete Price.  His market leading late night talk show on Radio City 96.7 has people tuning in, in their thousands night after night.  The show is a mix of phone-ins and special guests

Pete’s show is so important in the lives of people in the North West & North Wales, that many contact him to tell their stories or ask for help.  His show continues to break records and recently recorded a record number of calls when 19,000 listeners tried to get through in the space of just two hours!

The one-hour recording will bring the young people together with an expert panel to consider the issues.  Panellists include: Kelly Simcock, Programme Manager at the Foundation for Peace, Barbara McCann who currently works for Radio City’s sister stations in Northern Ireland, Colin Parry Chairman and Co-founder of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace, and Lisa French is a survivor from a major incident who has used her experience to take part in the Mines Advisory Group’s Cambodia Challenge, and speaks for the Foundation at events such as European Conferences, Leaders for Peace Day and at Resilience and First Responder training.