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September 22, 2014 | Nick Taylor

Last weekend – Friday 19 September to Sunday 21 September 2014 – the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace ran its first course as part of its Women Building Peace Project.

The course is for women who are living in Great Britain but who are from other countries of origin. Women’s role in peace building and conflict resolution has long been recognised as key to creating peaceful societies and many women are also at the forefront of facing conflict in their lives and communities.

A number of women came to stay at the purpose-built Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre in Warrington and many of them were joined by their children. Our professional team worked not only with the women but also with the children and young people and our events team brought in specialists including a chef to support the event.

The course leads to an accreditation from the body Open Awards and a qualification in peace building and active citizenship. The weekend was the first part in earning credits towards such an award.

During the weekend the women explored questions such as what is conflict and looked at conflict in different contexts. They used a variety of learning techniques from discussions to specially designed exercises through to using structured games.

The weekend was a great success from the housekeeping, event management and catering that allowed amazing delivery of outcomes and included an increased awareness of conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue, the exploration of culture and diversity within communities.

The women learnt the difference that could be made through active citizenship and volunteering, how to plan for social action to promote citizenship and how to devise an event or a project to encourage intercultural dialogue as well as an understanding of techniques such as mediation.

If you would like to find out more about the Women Building Peace Project contact Siobhan Riordan or Paveen Yaqub.

Twitter – @women4p
Facebook  – Women Building Peace Project

Here are some of the comments made on social media during the weekend:

Thanks to the course, we found peace between us. 2 people I know have changed, one wants peace and trying her best to listen and understand and the other one is trying to speak more English…I am glad

Atmosphere is amazing in the Peace Centre full of flowers, candles

I really enjoyed last night. I’m one of your guest. Thanks a lot for this warm welcome. I appreciate your support

I can assure you 10 times that the whole team did everything to make that room, the meals, the bedrooms and everything for the kids, their mums and ourselves facilitators so welcome and in total peace. All of us left so touched and so much grateful.

Amazing evening I really enjoyed this place is best

We are just getting ready to settle down to a beautiful byriani Ali has created for us after spending the day exploring conflict and radicalisation with the women.

Thank you for all the care and time you’ve put into making such a delicious meal ready for the whole gang …on top of your share in delivering the course!!!! An inspiration and a blessing to all women who were there.

Amazing day and inspired by the ladies on the course. A wonderful day and I learnt so much. It was an honour and privilege to have been able to cook and serve all of you. Thank you

We spent great time with you learning about the Conflict, Peace and Food. Chokran

Thank you – I feel humbled by this experience. I’ve never met women as strong as those I met yesterday.

A truly inspiring week-end thanks to you Siobhan who made this opportunity happen. An amazing learning from each other…and what a magic spirit of sharing!!!

An amazing and inspiring group of ladies. Well done to Siobhan Riordan for organising such an amazing opportunity

It has been remarkable experience working with the first group of women peace building project, they were wonderful gave lots of energy and showed commitment to the journey of learning is inspiring.

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