Women Building Peace Intercultural Dialogue in Blackburn

December 14, 2014 | Nick Taylor

 A group of women from Blackburn are the first in the country to undertake intensive training to confront violent conflict and develop skills to help them and other people lead more peaceful lives.

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The women who have pioneered the course held an intercultural dialogue event in Blackburn and one of the women, Nina, introduced the event.  You can watch the film of Nina speaking and read her words below.

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Nina wrote the speech herself and here is the text:

My name is Nina, I represent Humraaz women and Women Building Peace Network (WBP).

I would like to start by welcoming everyone to this event organized by Huamraaz , YMCA and Blackburn Cathedral.

I would like to begin with a small introduction about the WBP Course that was developed by the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball foundation for Peace and funded by the European Commission.

I had the chance myself to be one of the first women to have done this course in the United Kingdom.

The course is divided by 2 units, 1st unit is focused on topics such as: Conflict, Conflict resolution, Mediation, Negotiation, Radicalisation, humans needs based on the Economist Max Neef’s trip around the Globe and finally Identity and belonging.

The 2nd unit is dedicated to how to plan an event using a strategy and how to achieve a goal. We went through a definition of what Peace is …, effective leadership, promotion to an event, and Active Citizenship.

During the course we have been asked why we want to organise an event? It was simple: We want to be part of Peace not Violence, we want to lead, to prove our ability to organise this event, to be an inspiration to other people who suffered from Terrorism or Violence and finally to spread Peace.

Now what is the WBPN? It’s a network that carries the message of Peace, an important element that all human beings on this planet can’t live without. To be a member of the Network is to be a confident individual who can express themselves clearly and spread the message of Peace.

When you join the Network you learn how to listen to others, to share, to understand, to communicate, to tolerate, to collaborate, to have faith in yourself, you gain your self-esteem back but most important you learn how to speak up and express you opinions and views.

Thank you for listening to me and I welcome all of you back and I hope you enjoy your meal.

Contact – Siobhan Riordan, Project Leader, Women Building Peace Project Tel: 07507 559131



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