The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is the owner and operator of a Peace Centre sited in North West England.  The recent news relating to the establishment of a Peace Centre at the site of Maze Long Kesh has drawn comparisons with our project and requests for comment by the media.

Our position is as follows:

  • The Peace Centre in Warrington was created in memory of Tim and Johnathan and acts as a local community resource, is home to an NSPCC service centre and also in delivering violent conflict prevention, resolution and response services and programmes.
  • The Foundation and centre are independent and funded as a charity and we do not take positions on the likes of politics, faith and justice and therefore work with all sides of the community as long as one position is accepted – we are for peace and not violent conflict.
  • The Warrington Centre is a very different scale and project to that envisioned at Maze Long Kesh.  The Centre was built on land just outside the town of Warrington that had no previous designated use.  The creation of the Centre has been very carefully thought out from its design (even to the detail of colours of rooms to undertake sensitive work), to space usage to the activities that go on here.
  • Where we are similar to the Maze Long Kesh project is in the ethos of creating a space for people to come together to deal with the past, be heard, acknowledged and listened to as well as working to prevent and resolve conflict and in the creation of a building that helps deliver peace and prosperity.
  • We have met with the development corporation and members of our team have visited the site.  We have also met with members of the Assembly and made an open offer to demonstrate our work and Peace Centre and if we can help we will do so.  However, we recognise the difficult circumstances around this site and the remaining buildings and are sensitive to the positions of the different communities that need to be addressed and resolved to move this project forward.

For those wishing to know more about the Maze Long Kesh Development vis media reports please follow this link to gain access to a selection of recent media coverage – click here

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