Westminster Attack

What help is available to those affected by the Westminster attack?

March 22, 2017 | Nick Taylor

What help is available to those affected by the Westminster attack

This is a live investigation and incident and the following information is subject to regular updates

The  Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) is a free service available to all people in Britain affected (survivors, witnesses and relatives of the bereaved) by terrorism.  The service is available to help all those affected by the Westminster attack.


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Appeal for images and footage:

If you have photos or film of the incident in Westminster please make sure you pass them on to the police.


Report anything suspicious:

Please report anything suspicious to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 123 or online.


In an emergency call 999.

Casualty Bureau:

If you’re worried about family or friends involved in the incident in Westminster, please call the Casualty Bureau on 0800 056 0944 or 0207 158 0010 and choose option 1.

If you were involved in the incident in Westminster and are safe, call the Casualty Bureau and choose option 2.

Demand on Casualty Bureau will be high. Please keep trying. The Casualty Bureau are working hard to speak to as many people as they can.

Victim Support:

Our colleagues from Victim Support offer emotional support to anyone affected by this incident
Supportline is open 24/7 on 0808 1689111 or for further help go to www.victimsupport.org.uk

Survivors Assistance Network (SAN):

SAN is a free service managed by the charity the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.  SAN supports anyone affected by terrorism and is funded by the Ministry of Justice.

SAN helps people affected by terrorism to cope and recover by offering health, welfare and social support.  In particular, SAN provides:

• emotional and practical support to individuals and families post-terrorism incident via telephone, email and through face to face visits
• a comprehensive assessment of your needs (individuals and families)
• co-ordination of local and national statutory and non-statutory services to meet the specific needs of individuals and families
• advice to individuals promoting their engagement with relevant and specialist support services including a range of agencies that provide support to those affected

If you were affected by the Westminster attack, and are safe, first call the Casualty Bureau as above.

You can also contact SAN (please note we are not a 24/7 service but will respond as soon as we can) as follows:

Survivors Assistance Network
The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre
Peace Drive

Email – SAN@Foundation4peace.org
Phone – 01925 581240
Twitter – @survivors4p

Stay Calm:

At this time we need to stay calm – in the event of any incident of hate (non-emergency) contact 0800 456 1226 – text 0115 707 00 07 www.tellmama.uk.org

Our thoughts are with all those affected – you are not alone – we are here to help