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Warrington Worldwide video with Jeremy Bowen

March 25, 2016 | Nick Taylor

In the media – Warrington Worldwide video with Jeremy Bowen

Published 09:50 25th March 2016

VIDEO: BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen described Warrington’s pioneering Peace Centre as a “very big beacon of light” during a visit to deliver the annual peace lecture.

The war correspondent who has had numerous brushes with death and seen friends killed while covering atrocities around the world, says he is “incredibly impressed” by the work of Colin and Wendy Parry.

“I was impressed by them when I met them after their son was killed and I am impressed by them now. I am impressed how they speak about reconciliation, not hatred.”
There was a very poignant moment at the end of the peace lecture when a female member of the audience from Croatia stood up and thanked Bowen for his evidence at the Radovan Karadzic war crimes trial.

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