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Warrington hosts celebration of women’s contribution to peace

May 23, 2016 | Nick Taylor

Warrington hosts celebration of women’s contribution to peace

The international Peace Centre set up in memory of two children who lost their lives played host to women from across North West England who have completed a brand new course called Women for Peace.

Women from Blackburn, Manchester and Liverpool came together (Sunday 22nd May 2016) at the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace centre to celebrate the end of the Women for Peace (W4P) project.

The women live in North West cities and towns, but many of them are here from countries abroad were they may have experienced serious violent conflict.

The Foundation for Peace has launched a project to look at the extent women can prevent violent conflict and to give them the skills to try and resolve conflict and break the cycle of violence

Nick Taylor, Foundation Chief Executive explains: “Research has shown that women are disproportionately affected by conflict.

“This course, Women for Peace, explores conflict, from its root causes and effects through to developing the tools and techniques to manage it constructively.”

The key to the project’s success has been women’s recognition of the role they can play in building better understanding and relations between themselves and others.

Women at the Peace Centre

Women for Peace at the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre

The project has been a major success with over 162 women directly involved in the programme and the events they have organised and led reaching over 230 people. They have also gained qualifications as a result of the course.

They shared a celebratory lunch at the peace centre and for many it was their first visit to Warrington. The women toured the peace centre and participated in a workshop to share experiences. This was followed by lunch then a second workshop focused on motivating the women to continue being leaders for peace in their communities. The event concluded with a certificate ceremony hosted by Founder Colin Parry OBE.

Women for Peace will restart in the autumn across four northern towns and cities. The event was attended by one of the Foundation’s female trustees, Dr Susie Mitchell, she said: “It really brought home to me, that I am privileged to be part of a phenomenal charity, bridging people, communities and countries.”

The Foundation for Peace would like to thank our Women for Peace team: Christine Cox, Kate Goodrich, Shelley Wagon, Fateha Begum and Ali Amla alongside our shadow facilitators and helpers.

And we leave the final word to one of those women who attended:

Just a short note to say thank you so much for today, I had an amazing day.

You have been such an inspiration in my life, and helped me see things in a different light.  I am truly grateful to Shelley, Kate and mainly you for helping me become a better person.  Thank you Christine, without you and the practises of the Peace foundation I would probably be a very bitter person.

Lots of love