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Warrington brings symbol of hope and peace to Derry~Londonderry Temple

March 14, 2015 | Nick Taylor

This week (Friday 20th March 2015) it is 22 years since the IRA bombing in Warrington that killed three-year-old Johnathan Ball and 12-year-old Tim Parry.  On Monday 16th March 2015, a delegation from Warrington will travel to Northern Ireland to continue the work of reconciliation, friendship and peace that grew out of this incident.

The group will consist of Warrington faith and community representatives and members from the international Peace Centre that was built in memory of the boys.  They will be joined by Harriet Vickers, the youngest survivor of the bombing, aged just 13 days at the time, and the daughter of Bronwen Vickers who died a year later, who has taken up a full time career in peace and reconciliation.

The delegation will visit Derry~Londonderry and the incredible Temple that has been built in Cordon Road Country Park, known locally as Kelly’s Field.  They will carry with them a symbol to place inside the structure and to represent a collective desire for continued peace on our islands. The symbol will combine two elements of life – water and earth. The earth represented by a frame made of branch cuttings taken from the Peace Tree. The tree was planted at the tenth anniversary of the Warrington bombing and every year on the anniversary day, water is brought from the River of Life (see picture) memorial to the tree to coincide with the beginning of Spring.

In the frame will be a picture of the Centre set up in memory of the boys, and the home of inspirational work for peace globally; and also the continuing east-west dimension of ‘the Troubles’ peace process. Water from the River of Life will be brought to Temple and mixed with water from Northern Ireland to symbolise how at our basic elements we are all the same.

These two symbols of hope and life – water and earth – will be left in the Temple and then air and fire, the other two elements, will be added at the burn to create a symbolic desire for peace on our islands and beyond.

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive of the Foundation for Peace commented: “This is the beginning of the anniversary week and we are planning to visit a number of places both north and south, east and west.  On Monday we will be in Derry~Londonderry to lay down this symbol of peace and friendship.  Later in the day we will visit the City of Lisburn to meet the Mayor and to continue the friendship between the city and our town.

“On the day of the anniversary we will be joined by youth workers from Lisburn who are travelling to Warrington to be at our commemoration and then at the weekend our team will be in County Donegal working with many people who have experienced trauma before all travelling together to Derry~Londonderry to witness the Temple as it burns, bringing our life elements of earth, water, fire and air together in a symbolic hope for continued peace and reconciliation.”

The 22nd anniversary of the IRA Warrington Bombing will be commemorated at Bridge Street (the location of the bombing), Warrington at 12:00 on Friday 20th March 2015.  A silence will be observed between 12:25 and 12:27 to coincide with the time the bomb2 exploded.

The following blog post gives more details about the visit and the symbolic contribution to the Derry~Londonderry Temple radical arts project:

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