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Warrington bombing anniversary commemoration

March 10, 2016 | Nick Taylor

Warrington bombing – on Sunday 20 March 2016, the people of Warrington will join together to remember the victims, survivors and those affected by the IRA bombings that took place in the town in 1993.

The explosion in March 1993 killed three-year-old Johnathan Ball and 12-year-old Tim Parry, led to the death of Bronwen Vickers, injured 54 others and affected many thousands of people.

Everyone is welcome to attend a short commemoration from 12.15pm led by the Rev. Stephen Kingsnorth and include a short reflection on behalf of the town and also those that were affected by the events.

The short ceremony will end with a minutes reflection and silence and the laying of flowers before water is collected from the River of Life to be taken the short journey to water the 13-year-old Peace Tree in the Great Sankey centre’s grounds.

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive of the charitable foundation set up in memory of the boys who lost their lives in the Warrington bombing said: “this event is about remembering and reflecting but also is carried out in a very firm sense of hope for the future that what happened in Warrington never happens again.

“The water carried from Bridge Street to the Peace Centre symbolises the ongoing work for peace and reconciliation and coincides with the beginning of spring and the peace tree blossoming.”

Everyone is welcome at Bridge Street to commemorate the Warrington bombing and to join the charity for light refreshments at the Peace Centre.

The Foundation’s Survivors Assistance Network supports those people in Britain who may have been affected by terrorism.  Team members will be available during this period to speak to anybody affected by the Warrington bombing who may wish to share their experiences or seek their support.

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