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Tim Coulson: What Survivors for Peace means to me

March 13, 2014 | admin

Tim Coulson was travelling from his home near Henley-on-Thames to London on 7 July to meet with other lecturers from the country to celebrate the launch of a new teacher training qualification they had written together. He was awarded an MBE by the Queen for his services to others during the aftermath of the bombing and also a Bronze medal from the Royal Humane Society for going to the aid of the dead and the dying in another carriage.

“On the 6th July 2005 I like so many others was excited to hear we had won the bid to host the Olympic Games in the UK. The very next morning many lives were to change forever.  As we boarded a crowded underground system we had no idea just how much.

This is not the place to tell my personal testimony but to say that many health professionals later I  still seek help from the staff at Foundation for Peace by being just a call or email away.  I cannot thank you enough for being there for us all and the thought that a government should turn its back on the suffering of so many good people is appalling.

The bereaved families need so much love and affection and to have access to programmes like these to coax and lead them forward to a better way to manage their pain is vital.  This should never be an economic decision, it should always remain our highest priority to achieve the very best for our fellow human beings no matter the costs involved.  We owe it to all who suffer in body mind or spirit.

Thank you for reading”

 Tim Coulson MBE