THINK Project Launch

THINK project launches on ITV Good Morning Britain

November 20, 2014 | Nick Taylor

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball’s THINK project launched this week and gained national recognition on ITV Good Morning Britain. THINK is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and helps young people gain the thinking skills to become young leaders and influence others. The THINK project aims to challenge negative ideas before they take root and lead to violent conflict. The young people are selected for their ability to lead the way and influence their friends and associates in school and beyond.


Three young men from Yorkshire who have now left school and are variously studying at university and moved into management positions; talked about how their relationship with the Foundation had been a ‘life-changing’ experience. They spoke about how they had learnt how to deal with subjects such as prejudice, stereotyping, racism, discrimination and identity in a different way. One of the young men said without the project ‘I think we would be bad people because of the bad influences.’

Fahd Bajwa, who attended a forerunner to the THINK project some years ago said: ” It has taught me not to be a sheep, be a shepherd. I’m not going to follow the group, I’ll do my own thing and find out what is right and wrong.”

Graham Foulkes, who’s son David was killed in the London 7/7 bombing spoke to the group about his experience of loss and what he thought of the bomber, Sadiq Khan, and the people who had influenced his thinking.

Speaking live on Good Morning Britain he said: “THINK is crucial to the safety of this country.”

Graham called on the Government to consider funding THINK, he said: “there are no programmes like this at a national level and that is what this THINK programme is all about.

“We have tried to engage with Government but the business of Government is in discrete silos and this THINK programme doesn’t fit and as a result trying to get action and interest and funding for the Foundation is proving nigh on impossible.

“We are not asking for ‘zillions’ but we can do a lot with a little; but for some reason it is very difficult with Government.”

Kelly Simcock, Director of Commissions for the Foundation talked about the THINK project and its aims: “We know if you get in there working at the earliest possible stages with young people to tackle the root cause of hatred; you can stop them going off and joining separate groups and divisions being created.”

THINK will deliver over the next twelve months and it is hoped to role it out on a national basis.

(c)2014 THINK is a project of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland – for more information contact project lead Jemma Buntin –


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