The story of the Warrington bombing – Good can Come from Evil

July 22, 2013 | Nick Taylor

An ordinary day?

It was a Saturday morning in March, the day before Mother’s Day.  It seemed an ordinary day but it was a day when many people’s lives changed forever.

Families were out about in Warrington, a town in northern England helping their children choose cards and presents for the following day.

None of them could have imagined what was about to happen.

Now in a specially commissioned book aimed at young people (approximate ages 7 to 11), author Richard Holland, describes how a terrorist bomb killed two children and injured fifty six, affecting many others and provoking worldwide outrage leading to work to make sure nothing like this ever happened again.

The book takes a complex and difficult subject and uses simplified language to explain the background to the events, parties and circumstances leading to this example of violent conflict.  Importantly, it sets out what has happened since and the ways in which peace and reconciliation has demonstrated how good can come from evil.

On Sale Now.

The book can be purchased in Warrington at the Golden Square Shopping Centre  at the Customer Services Desk and at Waterstones Warrington.

The book can be purchased at the Peace Centre.  The purchase price is £2.50 and 100% of proceeds go to the work of the charity, the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace charity no 1048990.

The book can be purchased on line – click here to order

On line purchases can be made by credit card and AMEX but will include a card handling fee, cheques are accepted with a handling fee – postage and packaging is charged at 80p per book (UK only – contact us below for worldwide prices) – click here to order

Educational Organisations, Schools and Colleges can arrange bulk purchases by invoice.  Bulk Prices are:

£2.50 each up to 100

£2.00 each over 100

Supporting Teachers Pack –

£30 when buying 10 books or less

£20 when buying 10 – 20 books

Free when buying over 20 books

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The book was commissioned and designed by the Golden Square Shopping centre in support of its charity of the year the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.  The profits of the book, where sold, will go directly to supporting the work of the Peace Centre to address non-violent conflict resolution around the world.  With special thanks to Richard Holland, Wendy Parry and Kerry Gibson at the Foundation and The Ideas Department deWinter PR and Marketing.  We are also grateful to the Warrington Guardian for use of pictures, 3LG print ltd, Liverpool and actress, screenwriter and author Emma Thompson for their support.