The Foundation for Peace is in Rome

October 15, 2013 | Nick Taylor

The Foundation for Peace is in Rome this week attending the Radicalisation Awareness Network Voices of Victims of Terrorism (RAN VVT), set up by the European Commission as an EU-wide group that highlights the consequences of violent activity on a human scale and uses this for conflict prevention and deradicalisation.

Victims of terrorism and organisations like the Foundation for Peace make a powerful contribution to the awareness of the danger and effects of radicalisation and terrorism.

The group examines how victims often share their experience with the public, creating a story that people can relate to. The objective of RAN VVT is to make the voices of the victims heard, working with them to raise the awareness of the dangers of terrorism and violent radicalisation. The Group collects testimonies of victims and shares them internationally involving as many EU Member States as possible.

RAN VVT met in Madrid in June 2013 to discuss how the stories of victims can be brought to youngsters in the educational system. Some 50 participants were present, including 10 local practitioners and representatives of the Ministry of Interior of Spain who co-hosted the meeting.

The latest meeting to be held in Rome on 15th and 16th October looks at how testimonies of victims of terrorism could become part of education programmes or used in materials such as books and film and will be addressed by the Presidents of the Italian Association of Victims of Terrorism and the Associazione tra i familiari delle vittime della strage alla stazione di Bologna del 2 agosto 1980.