London 7/7 memorial

Terrorist Incident – Have you been affected?

April 25, 2016 | Nick Taylor

The Survivors Assistance Network (SAN), designed and delivered by the Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace and funded by the Ministry of Justice, provides assistance to witnesses, victims, and bereaved families in the aftermath of a terrorist incident.

Survivors Assistance Network

As the Foundation for Peace, we have helped hundreds of people over the course of the last 15 years following terrorist incidents including London 7/7, IRA bombs in Warrington, Manchester, and Northern Ireland and more recent attacks in Syria, Tunisia, Paris and Belgium.

As a result, here at SAN, we understand that what you have been through may have changed your life and the way that you see the world. SAN is here to help you.

Through an initial assessment of needs, either over the phone or in person we will develop an assistance  plan and, if needed, conduct a review with a mental health consultant to promote access to relevant psychological services as well as whole host of other services which may help you make the transition from victim to survivor.

Above all, we will listen to what you have been through and how it has affected you and make practical suggestions as to how we can help you move forwards.

Even if you are receiving some support from other services or have already accessed support and felt that it didn’t work for you please do contact* the SAN Team on:


01925 581 240