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Survivors for Peace Programme to close

February 13, 2014 | Nick Taylor

The Survivors for Peace programme is to close at the end of March 2014. This is because funding from the Big Lottery, supplemented by one or two other funds, is no longer available.

The charity has not been able to secure any further income for this work and it is impossible for us to continue with the ‘Survivors’ programme in its present form.

This does not affect any other aspect of the Foundation’s work or the operation of the Peace Centre.

It brings to an end twelve years of programme work in this specialism, with a number of consequences that impact our team and in that we can no longer offer this programme to the many people we work with.

We are continuing to look to work with those affected by terrorism and political violence and are in talks with numerous parties: Government, charitable funders to the private sector.

We are also launching a society lottery to raise funds to directly support our work.

However, at this stage, we are not confident that further funding will be found before the end of March and there are certain statutory duties we are obliged to carry out.

We are taking the decision to announce the closure of the programme.

Our first priority is to talk to the members of the ‘Survivors’ team and as you can imagine this is a difficult, uncertain and sensitive time.

The Foundation will issue a further statement when the way forward becomes clearer and we ask for your continued support at this difficult time.

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