Stockholm Incident

Stockholm Incident

April 10, 2017 | Nick Taylor

The 7th April brought very distressing news and images from Stockholm.

Whilst the circumstances and scale of the incident are still being assessed, it is clear that there have been a number of fatalities and many more injured. The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is in touch with the Metropolitan Police and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to gauge the impact of the incident for UK nationals.

The thoughts of everyone at the Foundation and Survivors Assistance Network are with those affected in any way by the incident.

If you are a UK national who has been affected by the terror attack in Stockholm (or any other act of terrorism), whether you have been bereaved, injured or are a witness, the Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) operated by the Foundation is available to offer you practical and emotional support to ensure you get access to the help you need.

This is a free and confidential service and is available immediately after an incident but also offers continued support in the medium to longer term.

You can contact the SAN Team on: or call

01925 581 240

(Please note: SAN does not offer a 24/7 response, however, e-mails and telephone messages will be followed up by the next working day)

What to expect:

A SAN case worker will contact you by email or phone to introduce themselves and explain more about the help offered by SAN.

An appointment will be made at a place and time of your convenience to discuss and assess your needs and address any urgent gaps.

We will work with you to ensure agreed next steps – this will help you to develop a tailored care plan. This may include advocating on your behalf with statutory and non-statutory bodies; liaison with official bodies; identifying local support services; or, where appropriate, identifying psychological interventions to help you manage your trauma.

We will then agree on practical help, for example accessing compensation or benefits due to illness and injury as a result of the incident; support with criminal justice processes and inquests, and managing the media.