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Rethinking Radicalisation – Youth Consultation in Manchester

March 16, 2015 | admin


On the 18th of March 2015, we will be holding a free youth consultation on the topic of ‘rethinking radicalisation’ at the Manchester Town Hall. This event follows our series of ‘Rethinking Radicalisation’ events, which were run by the Foundation for Peace with adults in communities across Manchester.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the young people (aged 15-25) of Manchester to come together and discuss what they think about Manchester and the subject of radicalisation

Is radicalisation a problem? What does it mean to you locally? Are young people worried? Are ‘radicalisation’ and ‘violent extremism’ all media hype? What ideas do young people have for how Manchester can be a safe and enjoyable city for everybody?

This consultation will be looking at all forms of radicalisation and violent extremism and we are seeking involvement and opinions from all the different youth communities in Manchester – so please do spread the word and invite the young people you know and work with to come and have their say. This is part of a series of consultations that the Foundation for Peace are running, with the results of the consultation feeding into an action plan for how Manchester can move forward and create a local, Mancunian response.

There will be speaker and film inputs during the event (details to be confirmed) to help promote a stimulating and wide ranging conversation. The workshop will be in an interactive, informal and relaxed setting to enable people to really talk and listen about the thorny issues that are affecting them and their communities.

We would really like to extend a warm welcome to young people from all areas and communities of Manchester – please email if you require any additional support (language/access/etc.) and we will do our best to help.

Click here to see the flyer confirming details of this event, and feel free to pass this onto other colleagues in the youth sector and other young people you think would be interested in attending.

We look forward to welcoming you and listening to what you have to tell us!