Restless Development

Restless Development at the Peace Centre

October 17, 2014 | Nick Taylor

This weekend the Peace Centre welcomes a partner charity, Restless Development and their team plus 17 young people using our residential and centre facilities.

Restless Development are an international charity that encourages civic participation through young people contributing to development processes, providing employment skills and promoting safe sexual and reproductive practices.

They do this by young people taking a leadership role in addressing the most urgent issues facing their countries and the world supported fully by their Governments, their communities, businesses and civil society institutions.  

Young people are too often excluded from or overlooked in the decision-making processes that directly impact their lives, communities and countries. Restless Development are committed to ensuring that governments and policy makers recognise and support the active role of young people in society at all levels.

The charity works at the Peace Centre to help equip their young people utilising our unique facilities and inspirational learning environment.