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Remember Us In Your Will

February 11, 2013 | foundation4peace

Remember us in your Will

Remembering the Foundation in your Will is an excellent way to support our work. Because charitable legacies are exempt from Inheritance Tax, all of your gift will go towards supporting our work.

Making a Will is the only way to ensure, on your death, your property and affairs are dealt with in accordance with your wishes. Without a Will, the law decides what happens to your estate and how it should be distributed. That isn’t the situation most of us would want. Even if you are married or have children, that isn’t a guarantee that everything you own will automatically pass to your loved ones when you die.

There are several gifts that you might consider leaving to the Foundation:

A share of your estate

Known as a ‘residuary legacy’, it is a percentage of what remains of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. One of the advantages of this gift is that it won’t be affected by inflation as its value will change in line with the value of your estate. This means you’re less likely to need to amend it in the future.

A specific sum

Called a ‘pecuniary legacy’, a gift of a set amount.

A specific item

It could be something valuable such as an antique, painting, property or shares.

A reversionary gift

This gift allows you to leave your estate to your loved ones while they are living, but after they pass away the share you intended for the Foundation will pass to us.

Amending an existing will?

 Of course, you may already have made a will. You can add the Foundation by completing a codicil and sending it to your solicitor. A codicil is a document on which changes or additions are made to an existing will and must be read in conjunction with it.

How to word your will

It’s really straightforward to include a gift to the Foundation in your will. All you have to do is give your solicitor our registered address and charity number:

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace, Peace Centre, Peace Drive, Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 1HQ.

Our registered charity number is 1048990.

That’s it. Your solicitor will do the rest, so it really couldn’t be easier.

Our promise to you

• You don’t have to tell us your decision – we completely respect your right to privacy (although we’d love to have the opportunity to say thank you).

• We understand that your family and loved ones come first.

• We won’t put you under any pressure – it’s your decision you will want to make in your own time.

• If you remember the Foundation in your will we will use your gift carefully so it achieves the greatest possible impact for the people we will be working with.

• We will share news of the vital work that is made possible by gifts like yours, transforming the lives of those we work with.

• We’ll answer any questions you have, and we’ll keep you up-to-date with our work in the way that suits you best – just let us know.

• You can change your mind about a gift in your will to the Foundation at any time.

• Any gifts you leave will be handled sensitively and respectfully.

For further information on remembering the Foundation in your will, please contact Jonathan Levy at jonathan.levy@foundation4peace.org or call him on 01925 581232.