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Radio City – Late Night City Broadcast Recording

March 19, 2013 | admin

On Monday 18th March, Liverpool’s Radio City came to the Peace Centre to record a radio programme called ‘Moving On’ to broadcast later on in the week.

It is twenty years since the Warrington bombing, a major incident that happened as part of a long conflict within our country that led some people to take violent action.  For many young people the ethnic, political and religious differences that led to prejudice, discrimination and violence are now something taught in history lessons. Such conflict is a thing of the past and we live in a far more progressive and peaceful society. Or do we?  Have we learned the lessons of the past or are we still making the same mistakes?

In this recording of ‘Late Night City’, Pete Price hosted a gathering of young people from England and Northern Ireland who joined an expert panel to consider how the world has moved on since the Warrington bombing.

The Foundation ran an initial workshop to get the young people to think about the key questions surrounding this event and any issues in their communities, and to think of questions they wanted to ask the panel.

Some of the questions the young people came up with include:

Do you think schools should get more involved in teaching about terrorism?

Should there be more ‘Peace Centres’ nationally and internationally?

When do you think is an appropriate age to introduce education around diversity?

Do you think education is a way of prevention?

Click here for the full list of questions that the young people came up.

The panel included:

  • Colin Parry – Chairman and Co-founder of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace
  • Kelly Simcock – Programme Manager at the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace
  • Barbara McCann – Currently works at Radio City’s sister stations in Northern Ireland, and has a background in reporting conflict
  • David Wells – North West Counter-Terrorism Unit

This one-hour recording will be broadcast on Wednesday as part of Late Night City on Radio City between 10pm and 2am.

Interviews were also recorded for other radio stations and associated media such as the internet.