Manchester City Hall

Radicalisation a new approach to tackling it

December 21, 2015 | Nick Taylor

In a project facilitated by the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace, Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police have worked with the city’s diverse communities to understand their views on the Prevent programme to look at ways of tackling radicalisation.

As part of the Rethinking Radicalisation programme, more than 200 people and groups, ranging from faith groups to schools and universities, came to a series of events held across the city to discuss issues such as national policy and legislation, Islamophobia and hate speech.

They also looked at how terrorism is portrayed in the media and how the resilience of young people is being built up against all forms of extremism in schools.

Discussion also took place on the role of local people in helping to build community resilience and supporting those that might be vulnerable within communities along with whether safe spaces could be created where people felt comfortable to discuss contentious issues.

The Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace, which was founded and supported by the parents of children killed during the IRA bombing of Warrington and has a long history of promoting non-violent resolutions to conflicts, was commissioned to independently guide and facilitate the dialogue.

The Foundation for Peace’s report, which can be viewed here RETHINKING RADICALISATION, includes a series of recommendations based on comments made during these sessions which the city council with its strategic partners and communities will now review.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhoods, said: “Manchester has a long history of working with diverse communities and, in preparing this report, we’ve brought members of our many communities together to create a new approach to tackling the problems posed by extremism.

“We have very strong communities here in Manchester, and we’ve listened to what they’ve got to say to create a new way of engaging with them, which I hope will be watched very carefully by organisations across the rest of the country.”

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