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September 24, 2015 | admin

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation For Peace believes that mothers and sisters are often unaware of the powerful roles they can play in providing important interventions that can alter a path towards violence.

This belief forms the basis of our Women For Peace programme, which looks to train and support marginalised women to become more active citizens, who lead the way in preventing and resolving violent conflict through intercultural dialogue and challenging narratives.

Extremist organisations are prepared to advocate the use of illegal violence to pursue their goals, and are showing a growing interest in grooming young people. Mothers have a unique role when it comes to communicating with their children, but those we have spoken to often feel uncomfortable and unable to engage in discussions about radicalisation and extremism.

The Programme:

The Foundation for Peace delivers Open Awards-accredited courses which enhance the employability of participants and their confidence in engaging communities. This programme is delivered at OfQual Levels 1 & 2. Each programme is delivered over 60 sessional hours, spanning four months.

As part of the programme, participants take part in a wide range of activities, including:

  • Dialogue and interrogation of views: exploring grievances and challenging narratives
  • Simulations; role-plays and putting strategies into practice
  • Interactive sessions and exercises for kinaesthetic learning, interspersed with group and individual reflection.
  • Creation of participants’ media and the articulation of their own narratives on contemporary issues

Upon finishing the project, the participants will have gained critical thinking skills, self-confidence, awareness of ‘the other’, skills in conflict resolution and countering violent extremism, and will also become gain membership to our network of graduate women peacebuilders, where they can find personalised ways to effect change.

Impact so far:

Over 60 Third Country Nationals were successfully recruited for courses in Blackburn, Nelson and Oldham in 2014-2015. As part of a combined Active Citizenship and Peacebuilding course at Open Awards Level 2, 45 women achieved accreditation in Conflict Resolution and 35 in event planning; the women ran their own intercultural dialogue platform and lead the celebrations for International Women’s Day here at the Peace Centre.

As well as this, many of these women made substantial progress in using English as their second or other language, which was developed through their public speaking about difficult and complicated issues and interaction with other women from their local communities.

For further information about this project, either contact the team at commissions@foundation4peace.org, or take a look at the project’s Facebook page, where there are more photos of the project being delivered.