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August 28, 2015 | foundation4peace

THINK is a bespoke programme aimed at young people, aged 14–19. It equips them to THINK critically and confidently about their place in society. In the process they develop skills, knowledge, and understanding around core values and beliefs. This allows them to play a positive role in managing conflict.

THINK cultivates curiosity, challenges attitudes, breaks habits, and increases resilience to the threat of radicalisation leading to violent extremism by encouraging young people to act, rather than react.

Over the years, we have worked with schools across the UK in Prevent-based programmes. These schools have specific challenges, and are looking to build resilience in young people before problems manifest themselves. Burnage Academy for Boys in Manchester and Priesthorpe School in Leeds are two of the clients to date where the programme has been implemented successfully.

Over the course of the programme, those taking part will hear from survivors, experts, and former extremists who share their stories. They will role-play real life situations, putting in place new strategies to manage conflict and to challenge extremism, prejudice and discrimination. Participants learn and practise cognitive life skills by examining theirs and others’ behaviour, questioning what’s behind it and trying to find solutions that are constructive rather than destructive.

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