My Former Life

My Former Life

August 28, 2015 | foundation4peace

My Former Life is a multimedia educational resource that is aimed at people aged from 14-19. It is based around a documentary film that explores and shares the personal stories of four former extremists, or ‘Formers’. 

The educational film explores the reasons for which these people decided to become involved in violent conflict, the consequences of their decisions, their reasons for leaving their respective groups, and finally shows how their lives have progressed since they moved on from violence. The film runs alongside a series of workshops that facilitate conversations about a challenging subject matter.

The aim of this resource is take young people through a journey of understanding and learning about the causes, effects, and legacies of violent extremism. By drawing on the experiences of people who have already gone down that path, My Former Life is a unique project that allows participants to engage with first hand accounts of radicalisation, extremism and their consequences. This works to develop skills such as critical thinking at a time where schools and colleges are looking to fulfill their obligations under the Prevent Duty.

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