Basement Jaxx Power to the People

Power to the People with Basement Jaxx

September 21, 2014 | Nick Taylor

Its September 2014 and the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace will once again join with the world to celebrate WORLD PEACE DAY (21st September 2014). This year we are asking all our supporters to join in through two initiatives: the first aimed at singers, musicians, dancers and performers of all types called POWER TO THE PEOPLE; and the second for those who love keep fit called RUN FOR PEACE.

On Monday 1st September, the Prime Minister announced to the British House of Parliament measures to counter the the threat of terrorism, particularly that posed by the conflicts in Iraq and Syria and the rise of the brutal and vicious Islamic State/ISIS. Governments alone cannot defeat those who use violence to further their aims. But when people come together, then change can happen. It is time for everyone in the world to unite and say no to the people who kill, main and terrorise society.

The Foundation is joining together with British electronic dance music duo, Basement Jaxx, who have recorded a track called ‘Power to the People’ – a positive and empowering song about our interconnectedness. The lyrics express how when people come together, amazing things can happen.

In September in the lead up to WORLD PEACE DAY we are looking for our supporters to create versions of the song, in every language, in every musical style, celebrating the richness and diversity of humanity.

All the versions will be able to be heard, watched and mixed together online on the Power to the People fm player.

Basement Jaxx

Power to the People

It’s a celebration of music and creativity. We want musicians, singers, dancers, filmmakers, and artists from all over the country to come together and create. We want to share your stories, encourage collaboration, inspire and have fun.

The goal is to create and release a version of ‘Power to the People’ with the people of the world, on World Peace Day on 21st September 2014.

What we’d like you to do

We’d like you to perform different versions of the “Power to the People” song and then send them to Basement Jaxx.

All versions will be shown on the website, and everyone will be credited. CLICK HERE TO SEE POWER TO THE PEOPLE ON VIMEO.

Each act will have a profile where they can tell the world about their story and their music.

If you’d like to find out more about Basement Jaxx you can visit their website at:

How to get involved – the detail and small print

Singers and Musicians

Simply download the track and stems and record and film your contributions and then upload them through the Power to the People website.

The song has been split into four stems or elements – The Vocal, the Chorus, the Drums/Bass and the Music.

You can perform just one of the elements i.e. just the vocals or just the chorus, or all of the elements, it’s up to you.

In the coming weeks we will show the world your contributions, and once we have enough versions, that’s when the fun really starts, as people at home will be able to chose individual elements and create their own truly unique mixes of the song.

They’ll be able to bring vocals from one country together with music from another and visuals from even further away.

You can record your version in whatever style or language you want.

Our only stipulations are that you record your version at 120bpm and that it is the same duration as the “Power to the People Template” track. This is so we can put your versions together with other people’s version from around the world.

If possible it would be great if you can film your performance too or film yourself singing and dancing along with it.

Dancers, Performers, Film Makers and Artists

We’d love you to get involved too. Visuals are a huge part of this project and we’re looking for you to take the music and film yourselves bringing life to the spirit of the song.

It doesn’t have to be filmed on professional equipment, it could even be filmed on a camera phone. The key is that you enjoy the process of making, performing and creating and you share it with us.

For more information about POWER TO THE PEOPLE If you need help or have questions, please get in touch. Send an email to

Run for Peace

And if you are not feeling as creative but are wanting a keep fit challenge then on World Peace Day we are asking people to RUN FOR PEACE in the English half marathon and 10k road race that takes place close to our international Peace Centre in Warrington. Find out how to take part by clicking here.

If you know people who’d like to be involved please do spread the word, as the more people we connect with, the more we can do.


Peace One Day’s objective is to institutionalise Peace Day 21 September.

Throughout the years, millions of people have been active on Peace Day in every country of the world, and hundreds of organisations have carried out life-saving activities in areas of conflict.

Peace One Day’s Campaigns and activities in Education, Music, Film, Sport, Dance, Art and Online have proved that the day works.