Politician’s “amnesia” on victims outside Northern Ireland

March 3, 2014 | Nick Taylor

Source: The Legacy

Published 3rd March 2014

Margaret Urwin (pictured) from Justice for the Forgotten says the “great anomaly” of the recent Haass proposals is that dealing with the past is confined to the boundary of Northern Ireland, and risks overlooking victims killed elsewhere, including in Britain and the Irish Republic.  The Foundation for Peace agrees with Margaret and the two organisations recently presented their case to the Victims and Survivors Commission in Northern Ireland.  The resulting position paper is with the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister for consideration.

Northern Ireland’s violent and troubled past continues to impact on the present and will also affect our future.  Award-winning news and analysis website The Legacy sheds light on controversies created by decades of violence, examines the social impact of the conflict and looks beyond our divisions to learn from international experience.

POLITICIANS suffer from “amnesia” when it comes to victims of the Troubles outside Northern Ireland, a leading victims group has said.

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