131114 F4P newsletter winter 2013

Peace Talks Winter 2013 – Peace is just a word

November 21, 2013 | Nick Taylor

Peace Talks Winter 2013 is now out in hard copy (distributed with Warrington Worldwide) through all usual outlets and our mailing list and also available here to read online: 131114 F4P Peace Talks winter 2013 

There is a song by the Eurythmics called ‘Peace is just a word’.

For all of us at the Foundation, peace is much more than a word – it is a way of life. And it is also a way of life that is a necessity for everyone if we want to ensure our families, communities and society remain safe and secure.

This year is the twentieth anniversary since the Warrington bombing that inspired the creation of the Foundation. Virtually every day we are reminded of the need for our work. As we went to press , the horror of what happened in a Kenyan shopping centre was unfolding, there were daily incidents by insurgents in Pakistan, two men faced trial for a murder in Woolwich and a far right inspired group planned to march through a British city. All part of our daily news!

What you probably don’t know is that those international and national incidents that flash across our news channels are also having a profound impact on families and communities close to you. Every day a British family is affected and we remain the only charity in this country that works to prevent, resolve and respond to such violent conflict. We work to stop people using violence to further their aims and we work with nearly 500 people who have been affected by terrorism and political violence.

This newsletter shows you what we do and asks you to support us. We need to tackle the causes and consequences of violent conflict. All our supporters are helping to do that through fund raising, attending events and volunteering their time.

We hope that as our anniversary year draws to a close you may feel inspired to take action. Peace is far from just a word, it has to be a way of life and through your support and help we can make a difference.