Peace Centre Unveils new entrance foyer and asks everyone to buy a dove for peace

November 9, 2015 | Nick Taylor

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace has unveiled its refurbished foyer and launched a new campaign to raise funds, asking its supporters to sponsor a dove that will form part of a stunning art installation at the entrance to the iconic building.

The foyer refurbishment comes as the Peace Centre intends to increase its use in 2016 and was needed to improve heavily used areas that have now been operating in the building for over 15 years.

The project involved many local companies and supporters and was designed by Colette Tritschler, who joined the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre as a volunteer just a week after starting a 12-month career break from her role as a Visual Merchandiser at John Lewis.

For Colette (pictured left with Wendy Parry Founder and Building Manager Karen McManus), this was a very important project and she shared her thoughts on why she took up the challenge: “Since becoming a mum to two young children I had become much more aware and concerned about some of the negative issues affecting society today.

“I know that I can’t save the world, but I want to do what I can to make a difference.

“Everyone has a skill that they can offer and I genuinely feel like I’m doing something good.”

“The team that I work with are really great and every time I’m in the Peace Centre somebody will say or do something lovely that totally keeps me motivated to continue in my work with them.

“However much I put in at The Peace Centre, I get a whole lot more out.”

The results have been amazing – the colours Colette used, creative ideas and her finishing touches dramatically transformed the whole area into a unique space. Colette brought in lots of help including her dad, husband Mark, her personal friend Emma and Sally a colleague from John lewis.

The whole project was implemented by the Peace Centre maintenance team, Steve and Andy and employees from local company Latitude helped with the painting and their designer, Emma produced the graphic designs.

A whole team of suppliers came together to provide the materials and specialist skills including Keith Rowland from Akzo Nobel, Matt and the team from Sandhurst flooring instaling the floor provided by Karndean. Sarah McManus provided the designs for an infographics board.

Foundation Chief Executive thanked everyone for their efforts and launched a Christmas appeal to create an iconic artwork in the new Foyer.

Nick said: “Christmas is upcoming and is our most celebrated public holiday, a time of festivities, a time when we exchange gifts and a time when we pass on our best wishes, reflect on the year that was and look to the year ahead.

“It is hardly surprising that the word ‘peace’ is uppermost in our thoughts. ‘Peace and ‘goodwill’ are words that are often written on our cards, heard in traditional carols or spoken to each other. But, whilst words are fine, if we are to achieve peace, then we need to take action.

“That is why the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is launching a Christmas appeal for funds to go directly to support our actions that can and will bring about peace.

“We want to put the ‘icing’ on this project, and ambition is to create a huge iconic art installation of ceramic doves hanging in the foyer.”

The dove, as well as the olive branch, has often been seen as a symbol of peace from Christian religions to the Romans to the Greeks. The foyer has its own olive branches spreading like wings and on that we plan to hang at least 200 ceramic doves that will create a spectacular art work. But we want to share the peace and hang doves that carry poignant and special messages, and for people to donate, so when they buy a dove we can invest the donations in our important work.

Nick continued: “I want to put a challenge out so that we can find 200 people or organisations prepared to buy a dove, have them inscribed with a special message and we try and get this all in place by Christmas.

“It is a big challenge but we still have the rest of November and all of December to achieve it. So, first consider if you will buy one yourself, second ask your friends, family, colleagues and third, spread the word by mouth on social media in any way you can.”

Doves cost from £25 up to £100 and you can Gift Aid the donation as well. To sponsor a dove or for more information contact

The sponsor a dove initiative forms part of our Christmas Campaign 2015 – all the Best.  To read more click here