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Painting the centre red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

June 28, 2013 | Nick Taylor

July is to start with a splash of colour as St Gregory’s Catholic High School pupils and staff join with the neighbouring Peace Centre to celebrate the school’s very own ‘Peace Week.’

The school’s annual week is themed around Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) that aim to promote the learning of skills that are essential for young people and helps the school create a safe and emotionally healthy learning environment where pupils can learn effectively.

In 2012, the school chose the theme of the Olympics and this year, to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the Warrington bombing, the school has selected Peace and will undertake a whole series of projects throughout the week.  Peace will be explored throughout the week at international, national, regional and local levels and pupils will consider how they can contribute to a peaceful work.

And on Thursday 4th July the school will be attempting to undertake a ’60-minute makeover’ of all nine residential bedrooms within the Peace Centre.  Pupils and staff have been working to come up with unique ideas, raise funds and will join together to undertake the makeover.

The new Head of School from September 2013, Rosemary Howard Rigby believes Peace Week will leave a lasting legacy: “the room colours allow us to work with different year groups to explore how pupils can contribute to a peaceful world.

“We are exploring aspects of personal and social development including tolerance, respect and teamwork.

“Transforming the rooms at the Peace Centre supports the local community and we will be undertaking many other activities during the week from special lessons, guest speakers, cultivating our peace garden and sponsoring a child in another country.”

The school is also match funding the pupils fund raising efforts and proceeds will help support the Foundation for Peace.

Community Fundraiser, Pam White, welcomed Peace Week: “the school has come up with an innovative way of promoting social and emotional aspects of learning and raising money for our charity and we are very much looking forward to seeing the newly decorated bedrooms.”

St Gregory’s High School and the Peace Centre are neighbours located on Peace Drive and Cromwell Avenue and Peace Week will run from Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July 2013.

St Gregory’s Catholic High School Prayer for Peace – ‘Peace Begins with me and you’

Thank you, loving God

For the gift of life.  For this wonderful world which we all share.


My determination to work for a world of peace and justice. My conviction that, whatever our nationality or race, we are global citizens, one in Christ;

My Courage to challenge the powerful with the values of the Gospel.

My commitment to find non-violent ways of resolving conflict – personal, local, national and international.

My efforts to forgive injuries and to love those I find it hard to love.

Teach me

To reject the violence which runs through much of our world today.

Holy Spirit of God

Renew my hope that we may come to share in God’s peace and justice.


Published by St Gregory’s Catholic School – Peace Week July 1st – 5th, 2013