Tracy Holland – Administrator

August 21, 2015 | foundation4peace

Tracy’s five steps to PEACE

P – Project at the Foundation everyone should know about

The Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) helps those affected by terrorism and war. Completely free of charge, SAN focuses on helping people living in England and Wales to cope and recover from their experience through taking part in of a range of programmes and the provision of practical and emotional support.  An example of the kind of programme SAN provides is our ‘Families Living with Trauma’ programme, which directly works with the families of those affected to develop coping strategies and to support their recovery. san@foundation4peace.org

E – Extremism challenge that needs resolving

Our My Former Life programme shows that it’s never too late to change. Individuals who have turned away from violence work with us to prevent radicalisation. Much of the challenge is debunking the myths and promises made by those who seek to radicalise others. The former extremists that we work with speak from personal experience and so deliver the most powerful and effective anti-extremism messages.

A – A fact people might know about the Foundation

Did you know that you can book a meeting room at the Peace Centre? We have excellent facilities for all sizes from the privacy needed for one-to-ones to large conferences, and every time you hire our facilities you are helping to support our work.

C – Colleague at the Foundation you want people to get to know

Kelly Simcock is our Director of Commissions and has over ten years’ experience designing, delivering and managing tailored programmes and interventions aimed at preventing violent conflict and encouraging critical thinking. She chairs the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network’s PREVENT Working Group and has been an advisor to the UK Government at a local and national level on community cohesion and the PREVENT agenda.  She is often called upon by national and local media to comment on matters relating to extremism and radicalisation and to talk about the Foundation’s role in tackling them.

E – Everyone can help the cause of peace by….

… donating your loose change – every penny really does count. Lots of people put coins into a jar rather than carrying and spending them. Whilst it’s only a few pence at a time, your loose change can make a huge difference to us. If you give us your address we’ll send you a smart label for your jar and a gift aid form which could increase your gift by 25% at no additional cost to you. When you are ready to pay over the money you can drop it in at the Peace Centre, or pay it into your bank then donate through our website, or contact us and we’ll give you details to pay it into our account. We’re very grateful for any foreign coins too, whether current or out of date. They can’t be paid in to the bank so if possible please bring them to the Peace Centre, or contact us and we’ll try to arrange collection.

Tracy’s Professional Profile

Tracy is the part-time administrator at the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace. If you telephone the office between Tuesday and Friday it’s probably Tracy who will answer your call. She orders stationery, raises invoices and chases payments.

Before joining the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for peace Tracy worked in a variety of office-based roles.