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Kelly Simcock – Director of Commissions

July 30, 2015 | admin

Kelly’s five steps to PEACE

We asked each of our team members, five steps that everyone can take to bring about Peace.

P – Project at the Foundation everyone should know about

E – Extremism challenge that needs resolving

A – A fact people might know about the Foundation

C – Colleague at the Foundation you want people to get to know

E – Everyone can help the cause of peace by….

Here are Kelly’s answers:

P – Project at the Foundation everyone should know about

Extreme Dialogue is the Foundation’s first ever online education resource featuring short films and comprehensive session plans to help teachers and educators everywhere to hold conversations about extremism. A collaborative project with ISD Think tank and DuckRabbit Film company – this multimedia resource pack was launched in Canada in 2014 and will see a European launch in 2016. Our research and preparation in Canada helped shape the project and we continue to work now to develop films and resources that can help educators across Europe to reach young people vulnerable to the ideologies and allure of extreme groups and their violence.

This resource is already being used in schools in Canada with some great feedback. As the Foundation’s first official online and international education resource, it is also free to those who’d like to know and explore more. A hatrick of reasons for us to celebrate what we hope will be the start of a growing presence for us in bridging the online and offline world to reach our young people.

E – Extremism challenge that needs resolving

The language of extremism strikes fear into the heart of most upon its very mention. What does it mean? Who is it about? How do we know when to detect it? How do we stop it? All important questions, but all questions that can see sense and sensibility leave our thinking. We know from many years of practice and learning that labelling, countering, judging and ostracising most often makes matters worse. Extremism that leads to violence is what we are most concerned about and by keeping people ‘with us’ and maintaining a connection with them – we make it difficult for them to exclude themselves or for others to pull them away. Our My Former Life film shows this through the stories of four former extremists who were ‘lost’ at one point in their lives. Their stories do however show us that there is a way back, and so often, it was the seeds planted through the kindness and tolerance of others that helped to pull them back from the brink. What we have to do is hone our skills and develop confidence in enquiring, listening, tolerating and communication if we are to tackle those ideas and beliefs that threaten to divide us. Fear is the biggest challenge and if we can overcome our fear of engaging with those we think are so different to us, those on the other ‘extreme’ to us- this is in itself a major step.

We also need to see the positives in extremism and look to reclaim them – extreme views and extreme passion can lead to amazing and transformational change. What we do at the Foundation is to encourage our participants to be extreme in challenging others in a pro-social way by waging peace and proposing alternative solutions. There is another way, there are other possibilities. We just need to explore them and try.

A – A fact people might know about the Foundation

The centre has hosted people from across the world as far afield as Burkina Fasso and Palestine and Israel and as well as many thousands from across the UK. As a residential centre, as well as a learning and sharing space, it lends itself perfectly to people immersing themselves in their programmes and groups. Eating, workshopping and socialising together all make for important and meaningful learning. The centre also has a brilliant garden, chill out area and fire pit at the back of the building to help every group celebrate or create memorable and inspiring spaces together.

C – Colleague at the Foundation you want people to get to know

Cloudy Tan is our Head of Charity Operations. Her role is to ensure the charity finances, contracts and operations are running smoothly and support her team to achieve that. As a former manager of an Arts centre, she brings creativity and inspiration as well as practicality and efficiency. She has a magical smile and a leadership style that is confident and wins support.

E – Everyone can help the cause of peace by….

Telling someone about us and our work. People are inspired to support charities for all kinds of reasons and sometimes work like ours goes unnoticed. Help us inspire others to support us!

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