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Jemma Buntin – Project Manager, THINK Project

August 21, 2015 | foundation4peace

Jemma’s five steps for PEACE

P – Project at the Foundation everyone should know about

Holding Difficult Conversations is a one day programme for professionals working with young people. Frontline professionals will to learn how to confidently respond to thorny controversial topics raised by young people. They also develop their understanding of what makes a young person vulnerable to being drawn into harmful extremist narratives. Ultimately our frontline professionals are equipped to effectively safeguard our young people.

E – Extremism challenge that needs resolving

Preventing violent extremism requires open honest dialogue combined with a curiosity to search for alternative viewpoints.

A – A fact people might know about the Foundation

Our Founder Wendy Parry works full time at the Foundation. Wendy works with endless amounts of enthusiasm and energy.

C – Colleague at the Foundation you want people to get to know

Christine Cox is our programme manager. Christine has an infectious sense of humour and is always the first to make others smile. She is committed to bringing disconnecting communities together and is passionate about the power of peace building.

E – Everyone can help the cause of peace by…

You can share Colin and Wendy’s story with one person. Colin and Wendy chose to look out rather than in during times of conflict …how many more people can join them?

Jemma’s Professional Profile:

Jemma is currently managing and delivering both the THINK project andMy Former Life project. Jemma works to prevent young people being drawn into violent extremist narratives. She is very much driven to safeguard all young people against extremist persuasive powerful rhetoric and equip young people to become leaders for change within their friendship groups and wider communities.
Jemma has worked for the Foundation for thirteen months but prior to this role worked as a drama teacher in a comprehensive secondary school. Jemma’s vast experience in both teaching drama and performing is utilised in the THINK project.
Jemma has in depth experience of working alongside young people with additional needs. She is also well experienced in working with young people who display challenging behaviours. Previous to her work with young people Jemma worked as a community arts professional working with people who were recovering from alcohol and drugs misuse. Jemma is keen to work to make a difference to a world that can sometimes feel bleak. Jemma very much believes in the hope that is born from peace building.