Flowers at Bridge Street

One day in Warrington – 22 years on in pictures and words

March 22, 2015 | Nick Taylor

The people of Warrington joined together in remembrance on Friday 20th March 2015 to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the IRA bombing in the town that killed three-year-old Johnathan Ball and 12-year-old Tim Parry, led to the death of Bronwen Vickers, injured 54 others and affected many thousands of people.

The commemoration service was led by the Revd. Stephen Kingsnorth representing the Warrington Borough Ministry and as Chairman of the Town Centre Management Board.

The Mayor and first citizen of Warrington Cllr. Ted Finnegan attended alongside local politicians and civic leaders. Colin Parry spoke on behalf of the victims and survivors.

The ceremony ended with a reflection and silence and the laying of flowers. Wendy Parry, Tim’s mum, collected water from the River of Life, a waterfall and sculpture that was erected at the site of the bombing in remembrance, and as a symbol of hope for the future. 

The water in the vessel was taken by Wendy and the Mayor to the Peace Centre where it watered the Peace Tree that is 12 years old and resides in the Centre grounds.  Members of the Ball and Vickers family joined together with the Parrys and other members of the community laid flowers at both sites. 

The water carried from Bridge Street to the Peace Centre symbolises the ongoing work for peace and reconciliation and the watering coincides with the beginning of Spring and the tree blossoming.

Crowds congregate on Bridge Street to commemorate the 22nd anniversary 

commemoration and reflection

People of the town lay flowers

Warrington Bombing

Wendy Parry (mother of Tim) and her grandson Arthur collect water from the River of Life

Wendy Parry

The water is placed on the Peace Tree an Acer species planted at the tenth anniversary and now over 12 years old and budding as spring starts symbolising our hope for peace

Foundation for Peace

 the Mayor Of Warrington lays his flower

Peace Centre  

20th March 2015 – the day of the eclipse when darkness overcame light but was defeated when the light returned – this picture submitted by Tracey Manton taken in Warrington on the morning 20th March is so fitting to underpin the day when our reflection and commemoration yet again showed, hope, a desire for reconciliation and our continued campaign FOR PEACE. 

Warrington Peace Centre

In memory of Tim Parry, Johnathan Ball, Bronwen Vickers and all those affected.