#THINKABOUTIT featuring Mr Meanor

September 25, 2016 | Nick Taylor

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace presents:
featuring Mr Meanor

On the night of Friday 13 November in Paris, France, gunmen and suicide bombers attacked sporting stadia, popular nightlife spots and a 1,500 capacity concert venue, the Bataclan, where Californian rock group Eagles of Death Metal were playing. They left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded.

The next day in a studio in England, the members of the band Mr Meanor watched the news and experienced an overwhelming sense of emotion. They responded as only they could as artists and wrote a song called ‘Think About It.’ The lyrics spoke powerfully about the world situation, violent conflict and how everyone, but particularly young people, needed to bring about a change in thinking, in order to break the cycle of violence.

Their desire to do something and help those affected by violent conflict brought them to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace and they made an offer to release the song as a single to raise money for the charity.

Remarkably, the lyrics linked powerfully to the key messages of the Foundation and the charity’s key projects undertaken to challenge thinking that could lead to radicalisation and violent extremism. The Foundation began a conversation with the band and they agreed to become part of something much more than a charity single, but to go further and perform and talk to young people across the north of England.

The aim of #THINKABOUTIT is for a young band to talk and perform ‘from the heart’ to raise awareness of how ‘thinking for yourself’ is a key resilience in dealing with the challenges of modern society, how violence and hatred is wrong and how by joining together, that young people can make a real difference to the world they live in and challenge negative radicalisation and violent extremism.

In October 2016, the #THINKABOUTIT tour will take place across the north to coincide with the release of the single. Mr Meanor will perform in ten major locations across northern England in schools, colleges, at media stations and through personal appearances. They will talk and interact with young people at the live appearances and through social media to encourage everyone to play a leading part in confronting the challenges they and our societies face.

Their message will be simple – in that whilst conflict exists in all walks of life there is never any excuse to resort to violence and that conflict should be resolved peacefully. They will demonstrate, through their message, that the way for young people to do this is to think critically about their place in the world, to think and have an awareness of themselves and also the consequences of actions they may take towards others, to think for themselves and overall to #THINKABOUTIT.

At each appearance, young people will be encouraged, to film, record, take pictures and use social media to spread the word. They will receive exclusive and free band merchandise and the boys will sign autographs and be available for pictures and selfies. The boys will also talk to the media, undertake photo shoots, personal appearances and are prepared to offer performances at studios. The single will be available for download and all proceeds will go to the Foundation charity (NOTE – Mr Meanor and their agents have donated their time, creative work and the entire rights of the song and all supporting film and collateral to the charity – any proceeds after costs will be donated to the charity. The charity will meet some tour costs on the basis that the single will raise a donation that will pay for the entire #THINKABOUTIT campaign).

The single is available on pre-launch now and will launch at the end of September and then Mr Meanor tour the north from 3rd October 2016:

Monday 3rd October – Warrington
Tuesday 4th October – Liverpool
Wednesday 5th October – Leeds
Thursday 6th October – Blackburn with Darwen
Friday 7th October – Sheffield
Monday 10th October – Kirklees
Tuesday 11th October – Manchester
Wednesday 12th October – Calderdale
Thursday 13th October – Burnley
Friday 14th October – Bradford