Peace Calendar Front Cover

Make 2017 a Year for Peace

September 23, 2016 | Jonathan Levy

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is launching a new fundraising campaign as it continues to expand its areas of work.

Launched on International Day of Peace (Wednesday 21st September), a peace calendar has been created, comprising of a selection of minimalist artwork that ties in with the Foundation’s values and days relating to its work.

Created by Choo Designs, the calendar is just £5 and will make a great gift ahead of the New Year.

Fundraiser Jonathan Levy, said: “All monies raised will help us continue to carry out our unique work with a wide range of people, ranging from young people susceptible to extremism, women in diverse communities, veterans of conflict and their families, as well as survivors and witnesses to acts of terrorism or violent conflict.

“With terrorism on the increase, the Foundation’s work is more relevant today than ever before, so we really hope that the people of Warrington will get behind our new campaign.”

To order a calendar or for more information, please contact Jonathan Levy on 01925 581232 or email him at