London 7/7 memorial

Large media presence and increased security expected at Hyde Park – London 7th July 2015

June 29, 2015 | Nick Taylor

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is joining with the Mayor of London to ask the media to show absolute sensitivity in the lead up and coverage of the 7th July London bombing commemorations.

The Foundation is taking numerous calls from media across the globe who are planning a significant presence on the day of the commemoration.

In recent years the Foundation has managed a private commemoration at the memorial in Hyde Park, with little, if any media presence.  However, the tenth anniversary, combined with recent incidents, means that the media are planning extensive coverage at the Hyde Park memorial site and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Mayor of London’s office are managing the event and will provide designated areas and fixed camera positions for the media within the Hyde Park memorial site.  Many broadcasters will be live from Hyde Park early in the morning (from 05:00) and will be in attendance when the Prime Minister and Mayor of London accompanied by many other people representing the nation and city each lay a wreath at the memorial at 08:50.  They are likely to stay and ‘anchor’ their coverage from the Park.

By personal choice, many families, friends and survivors visit the four individual sites of the bombings, and whilst some media have indicated that they will go to the sites, the Foundation is joining with the Mayor of London in discouraging this to allow those people to pay their respects in peace.  Media will not be allowed inside the transport network stations during the day (except at 11.30 when covering a minute silence across the transport network).

The security level of the event in Hyde Park is different from previous years.  As a result, The Hyde Park site will have barriers with controlled access. This will mean that the site will be secure and there will be bags checks on entering and exiting the site. Members of the public, families and survivors can still visit the memorial from early morning; however people will be asked to stand clear when the wreath laying ceremony happens at 08:50 until approximately 09.15.

The memorial area will be enclosed with barrier and security.  There will be a staging area for speakers and some seating for a service at 14.30.  Only those with tickets can be in this area from 13.30 until 16.30.  All enquiries about tickets and media accreditation are handled by the Mayor of London’s office.  Members of the public can still join in the ceremony but it will be from behind the low level barrier line.  There will be a marquee serving hot and cold drinks following the service.

The BBC will broadcast the service live from St. Paul’s.  They will use fixed camera positions and do not plan to film the congregation in detail, but there is a chance anyone attending may be caught on camera. If you have concerns about this please let the Mayor of London’s office known and they will endeavour to place you in a seat that avoids all filming.  However, there is likely to be a large number of cameras and broadcasters present at all locations all day.

Our professional team is operating a quiet area near the marquee in Hyde Park and you are welcome to come and talk to us or just take a moment in the tent at anytime.  No media will be allowed near or in the quiet area.