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Jonathan Twist: What Survivors for Peace means to me

March 4, 2014 | admin

Jonathan Twist is an RAF veteran from a military family. Following his military career he worked within a sociological and educational environment. He came to the Foundation and became involved with the Survivors For Peace Programme about three years ago.

 The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace Survivors for Peace Programme offer fairly unique and distinct bridges for those who have been involved in circumstances of state/terrorist conflict and who are willing to engage and seek personal resolution outside of the constraints of political legal and medical opinion which – for all their expertise – may often add to rather than palliate confusions.
I landed on the doorstep of the  Foundation some 3 or so years ago equipped with post-graduate Sociological and Education experience and time spent in HM Forces and within a military family background.
The warm enquiring and empathic tones offered up by the Foundation staff and supporters to participants in a non-judgmental way is an endeavour which is rarely replicated elsewhere.
Consequently this kind of forum is, I would submit, highly relevant and invaluable in addressing personal societal and family needs which are increasing significantly and notably as a result of strife and conflict activities of the new millennium for many-for which provision from many areas of care and counselling are sparse.
The capital costs of £150k to keep the Survivors for Peace Programme running in the short term seems surely a small sum given the ‘value’ (in human terms) of such a forum and as a means of contributing to resolution of participants unanswered issues. I would submit that this method of catharsis may materially reduce costs and demands on formally constituted organisations – thus savings -however difficult to evidence in the formal way- may accrue.
One lives in hope that the project survives and can continue to progress in its objective of offering an invaluable platform for individuals and families seeking to manage and attempt understanding of conflicts and aftermaths in an unpredictable world. 

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