ITN Truthloader Live 18th April

April 18, 2013 | Nick Taylor

ITN Truthloader is a new daily exclusive YouTube show bringing investigative and citizen journalism together.

Truthloader uploads videos everyday and every Thursday they hold a live debate on Google+ Hangout around different topics at 19:00 BST 14:00 EST 11:00 PST.

The topic for the debates can be decided by the community. Truthloader invites guest panelists and other YouTubers to the debate an the ethos of the show is to ‘question everything’ as they are a platform for citizen and investigative journalism. (

On Thursday 20th April ITN Truthloader asked how afraid we need to be of terrorism, on the back for the attacks in Boston, and Jo Dover, Programme Manager (Survivors for Peace) took part.
To Watch the broadcast click here.