Irish in Britain welcomes Chancellor’s Statement

March 19, 2014 | Nick Taylor

News Release from Irish in Britain issued Wednesday 19 March 2014

Irish in Britain CEO Jennie McShannon today welcomed the Chancellor’s statement confirming funding for the Warrington Foundation for Peace.

The Chancellor also announced that the Prime Minister is to meet and give his personal support to charity founders Colin and Wendy Parry. Tomorrow, the Foundation commemorates the deaths of their 12 year-old son Tim Parry and 3 year-old Jonathan Ball and 54 injured following an IRA town centre bombing.

Twenty years ago this week on 20 March 1993, the Irish community was profoundly shocked by the Warrington bombing and the tragic loss of life.

On the eve of the anniversary, Jennie McShannon praised the leadership of the Foundation for Peace in working for conflict resolution around the world. She paid tribute to their continuing involvement in supporting victims of the Northern Ireland conflict and assisting community leaders in their efforts address issues of “dealing with the past”.

“The Irish in Britain experienced the trauma of conflict in Northern Ireland”, she said. “No-one was unaffected. Some arrived, fleeing the violence at home. Others were victims of conflict here. Our community includes former prisoners, former soldiers and people whose work put them in danger. Many feared appearing to take sides and part of the joy of peace was relief that it would make being Irish a little easier.

I was proud to speak alongside the Nick Taylor from the Foundation for Peace this week and I have pledged to support this important work.“

Congratulations to Foundation for Peace on new funding. Irish in Britain have pledged support for reconciliation & dealing with the past


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