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International Women’s Day: Raise your voice for peace

March 5, 2015 | Nick Taylor

This Sunday (8th March 2015) is International Women’s Day, a celebration of women’s economic, political, and social achievements.  This year the theme of ‘Women’s Day’ is Make it Happen – and that is exactly what will be taking place at the international Peace Centre in Warrington, England as we bring women from across the world to an exclusive event to raise their voices for peace.

Sixty women from Africa, Asia and Europe, accompanied by their children, will join together to explore topics such as: the power of learning, conflict and resolution, leadership and peace.  The women will look at what holds us back from raising our voices, what do we need to raise our voices and why it is important that we do that.

The event is part of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace’s ‘Women Building Peace’ project that has trained over 60 women from communities in North West England in peace building & active citizenship, building confidence, skills and abilities in conflict resolution and leadership in the community.

Siobhan Riordan who is a project lead for Women Building Peace and has planned the event said: “Many of the women attending today come from places in the world that face race, political and religious based conflict.

“Our course takes women through a journey designed to increase their skills to identify and respond to conflict effectively.

“Whilst its ‘peace-building’ title may convey a soft message, the skills developed are anything but.

“Today, we are breaking some cultural taboos and working with the women to build confidence in raising their voices.”

The event will be led by the Foundation’s skilled facilitators and will use creative techniques such as drama and film to help the women answer the question: ‘why do we need women building peace?’

We would love everyone to join in and support the women as they raise their voice for peace.

Please share news about the event widely with your friends, family and if you use social media tweet or Facebook or post your support using the hashtag #WomenWagingPeace or follow us on Twitter @Women4P or Like us on Facebook – search Women Building Peace Project

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