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HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO visits the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre

October 22, 2014 | Nick Taylor

Colin and Wendy Parry, founders of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace today (Wednesday 22 October 2014) welcomed The Countess of Wessex to the international Peace Centre established in memory of the two boys who lost their lives in a terrorist bombing twenty-one years ago.  The centre provides the home for the Foundation for Peace and their partners the NSPCC who operate a service centre from the building.

The visit is part of a series of events to mark the upcoming 20th anniversary of the charity and to celebrate the first year of operation of the refurbished NSPCC service centre.

Her Royal Highness was greeted by Colin and Wendy Parry and was welcomed by Alex Modder, NSPCC service centre manager as well as meeting members of the team and local community leaders.

Whilst on site, The Countess of Wessex toured the building and heard about the Foundation’s work to prevent, resolve and respond to global violent conflict.  Her Royal Highness also met people who had been directly affected by terrorism and political violence and who form part of a programme called ‘Survivors for Peace’ that assists in recovery and increases social participation to promote action so people can find their ‘normal lives.’

Wendy Parry, mum of Tim, and the person who first came up with the idea to build a centre said: “Colin and I are so proud of what has been achieved in the boys’ names and in trying to ensure that other families do not experience the loss we feel every single day.

“The Peace Centre is vital to our work and also in housing the Warrington Youth Club and the work of the NSPCC.  It is a unique memorial and working building that helps make a difference to people’s lives every single day.”

Alex Modder, NSPCC service centre manager in Warrington, said: “We were delighted to welcome The Countess of Wessex, President of the NSPCC, to our Warrington centre and have the opportunity to talk about our work here.

We’ve got a highly skilled and dedicated team in Warrington, delivering innovative services that bring help and support to children who may have suffered abuse and neglect and assist and support  young people  in building their resilience, empowering them to cope with future life changes and circumstances. We also offer support to parents and families to ensure that they are kept safe from harm. The services we provide mean that many children and families can face their futures with hope, so it was wonderful that we were able to share this with Her Royal Highness”



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Her Royal Highness, the Countess of Wessex, was born Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1965 in Oxford.

After working in public relations for over a decade, in 1999 Miss Rhys-Jones married The Earl of Wessex in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

As The Countess of Wessex, Her Royal Highness acts in support of The Queen and of her husband in his roles, and undertakes public duties for a large number of her own charities.

The Countess is particularly involved with charities relating to children, disabilities and communication problems.

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The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace founded by the parents of 12 year old Tim Parry and supported by the parents of three year old Johnathan Ball. Tim and Johnathan were tragically killed as a direct result of the IRA’s bombing of Warrington in March 1993. Foundation for Peace The Foundation works with people affected by political violence and acts of terror to SUPPORT them in dealing with their past experiences and using them as the motivation for creating positive change. The Foundation works with people of all backgrounds to PREVENT violent conflict by helping them to develop the skills and understanding to be able to resolve conflict through effective communication. The Foundation provides ADVICE and GUIDANCE to leaders and managers, including those at Government level, on how to deal with past, present and future conflicts.

NSPCC Warrington

The NSPCC’s service centre on Peace Drive offers services to some of the most vulnerable children and families across Warrington, St Helens, and Cheshire East. Services include, a programme to support and protect looked after children, a programme to support parents and carers with drug and alcohol issues to better understand the impact on their children, a sexual abuse therapeutic programme, and a programme to reduce the risk of harm to babies and toddlers and enhance parenting skills among parents.