The idea is very simple – raise money by having your friends round for dinner. Anyone can do it, those donating get to enjoy the event itself and the money is raised by doing something everyone might have done anyway. What’s more – it’s sustainable – you can do it more than once, and your friends can do the same, which means that over the coming months this simple idea can raise more money than even the most heroic of feats!

How does it work? Just go to www.dinner4good.com/FoundationForPeace and you’ll see that it couldn’t be easier.

You create your personalised Dinner Page and send invitations from the site. Your guests then accept and donate online, which means you can see who’s coming, and how much is being raised, in a click. There’s no embarrassment over having to ask for money, no hassle with collection, and everyone is really involved. Dinner4Good takes care of everything, including the Gift Aid application – so all you have to do is hold the dinner, eat, drink and enjoy yourselves! 

Tell your friends over dinner about our cause they’ve donated to and they might also want to hold a Dinner4Good of their own – so the good goes on and on!

For further information on Dinner4Good, please contact Jonathan Levy at jonathan.levy@foundation4peace.org or call him on 01925 581232.