The Foundation creates a safe ans supportive environment to bring together people affected by different conflicts and incidents of political violence or terrorism to share their experiences of conflict.

Families Living with Trauma

The Sharing Experiences Programme provides individuals who have been affected by conflict with the opportunity to share their experiences; what has happened for them in the longer term; what difference their experience of conflict has made to their life, and how they have dealt with those experiences. It is also an opportunity to share learning and some of the positive experiences they have gone on to do in a protective and supportive space.

These events are currently open to anyone in the UK who has been affected by conflict, or an incident of political violence or terrorism. This includes: former soldiers, individuals that are bereaved, injured or survivors of incidents here or abroad, and Emergency Service workers who have attended incidents. Family members of those affected are also welcome to attend.

These events are open to all who feel that they would benefit from attending, whether they are new to the sharing experiences process or have attended before.

If you have been affected by conflict, or an incident of political violence or terrorism and you feel that you would benefit from the Sharing Experiences Programme and would like more information, please get in contact our Commissions team on 01925 581207 or at

Individuals’ testimonies that have attended our Sharing Experiences Programme:

“The residential gave me a chance to share my story with others who’d had similar experiences. I’d never had the opportunity to do that before. I was very apprehensive. I didn’t feel as though I had a story. However, my anxieties disappeared over the course of the residential. I found a mutually-supportive atmosphere and I was left feeling my personal story was every bit as valued as other participants. I was given a voice I didn’t think I had.”

“I was able to relate to others in the group that had suffered in the same way through listening to their stories and how they coped. The key to this is to relate, to repair and reflect and to be respected and recognised.”

Case Studies of individuals that have attended out Sharing Experiences Programme:

Case Study 1: A Survivor’s Story

For Andy Duggan’s account of his experience at a ‘Sharing Experiences’ residential, click here.

Case Study 2: A Soldier’s Tale

For an account of Graham Matthew’s experience at a ‘Sharing Experiences’ residential, click here.