The Foundation facilitates opportunities for dialogue between conflicting parties, working with individuals, groups and communities. Acting as a neutral third party, the Foundation facilitates processes which help to challenge prejudices and deepen understanding of ‘the other’ and explore commonalities.

St Ethelbergas

Challenging Conversations

The Foundation has developed a Dialogue Process that allows people affected by different conflicts and incidents of political violence or terrorism to speak with people who may have different views to them, or to meet someone who may have represented a former enemy. People choose to do this in their own private ways, but some choose to do this through the support of an organisation such as the Foundation.

Dialogue is a process that brings people together from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs to hear about other’s feelings, values and experiences of conflict. Dialogue events allow the individual to reevaluation, ask questions, or challenge assumptions about each other and are designed to give you the chance to explore issues in more depth.

These events are currently open to anyone in the UK who has been affected by conflict, or an incident of political violence or terrorism. This includes: former soldiers, individuals that are bereaved, injured or survivors of incidents here or abroad, and Emergency Service workers who have attended incidents.

These events are open to all who feel that they would benefit from attending, whether they are new to the Dialogue Process or have attended before.

If you have been affected by conflict, or an incident of political violence or terrorism and you feel that you would benefit from the Dialogue Process and would like more information, please get in contact with the Commissions team on 01925 581207 or at

Pathways to Peace

The Foundation works in an international context to provide and facilitate a dialogue process and training programmes for young people and adults of all ages. Our skills and expertise see us delivering programmes on themes such as single and multiple identity conflict, gender based conflict, human rights, peace and sustainable peace-building, conflict analysis, skills for working with, and in, conflict and sustainable development.

In 2010, the Foundation ran an International Youth Programme, ‘Pathways to Peace’, which saw 24 participants and 7 youth leaders from across the world join together at the Peace Centre to embark upon an intense and dynamic journey of learning.  Participants from England, Ireland, South Africa, the Basque Region of Spain and Palestine – Israel took part in a range of activities designed to stimulate discussion and debate on issues ranging from conflicts in participants’ home countries to those they had in common. Click here to read more about this programme.

Individual Dialogue

The Foundation has worked to bring together individuals from both side of the divide in a number of conflicts. We for example facilitated a dialogue between a former soldier who served in Northern Ireland and a former IRA member. Click here for more information about this particular dialogue process.

If you have been affected by conflict, or an incident of political violence or terrorism and would like to find out more about any of our dialogue processes, please contact our Commissions team on 01925 581207 or at