The Foundation uses processes, informed by evidence based practice and conflict resolution theory, which encourage people to explore different contexts and widen their understanding of why conflict occurs and how it can be dealt with in a non-violent way.

Exploring the Context of Conflict

The Foundation hosts day-long events examining the specific context of conflicts. In the past we have run events such as ‘Exploring the Northern Ireland Conflict’ and ‘Exploring the War on Terror’ to enable those affected by conflict and acts of terrorism to examine the different actors in conflict, consider how people have been affected and discuss the underlying needs and causes of the different conflicts. Invited speakers give an overview of the conflict being examined, and people who have been affected by incidents share their personal experiences. To read more about these events click here.

Information on future events of this kind will be posted on the events page so please keep checking back.

Preventing Violent Extremism

The Foundation worked with a single identity group from Leeds who had been involved in anti-social behaviour in their community. The programme saw a group of young men participate in a four day long programme exploring issues of conflict in their community. 

The programme was effective in challenging participants and taking them out of their comfort zone. Self reflection and dialogue features centrally to these programmes enabling participants to consider their own roles in conflict and how they might ‘try something different’. For more information about the programme click here.

Families Living with Trauma

The Foundation runs Families Living with Trauma events which look at how trauma affects people and the challenges faced by partners and families in supporting loved ones that have been affected by conflict or an incident of violent extremism or terrorism.

These events allow the attendee to learn more about the impact of traumatic events on individuals and families and how trauma affects people in the months and sometimes years following evens. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from others that may have gone through similar experiences and will also have the chance to discuss some of the difficulties and challenges involved in supporting people affected by trauma. The Foundation also creates a safe and protective space where attendees can talk informally together to gain support from each other.

These events are open to anyone in the UK that has been affected by conflict or and incident of violent extremism or terrorism, and particularly for those supporting family members impacted by trauma. If you feel that you would benefit from attending one of our Families Living with Trauma events or would like more information, contact our Commissions team on 01925 581207 or at

Short courses

The Foundation’s short courses are intensive one day workshops which have been designed and developed over time to provide a practical and engaging introduction to many key topics relating to conflict and conflict resolution. Aimed at children and young people of all ages; the Foundation prides itself on the quality of our provision which stems from innovative, creative and effective teaching methods which focus on experiential learning. For more information click here.