The Foundation trains and equips people with the skills to be able to advocate and raise issues for themselves and their peers to effect change. It also advocates on behalf of, and with, its participants to effect change at policy level nationally and internationally.

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Hearing from those affected by a critical incident

The Foundation hosts seminars for professionals working in the field of Emergency Response to allow them to hear from those affected by critical incidents regarding the support that they received.

The focus at these seminars is on support services for those affected by critical incidents: what worked well for individuals and the areas that they felt could be improved. It is hoped that professionals can take away this information and adapt their future policies and processes to reflect what they learnt at the seminar.

The individuals that have been affected wish to share their stories in the hope that they are able to directly influence future service provisions. Following a previous seminar, one local authority decided to run specific training on the needs of children, and for the woman who shared her experience of losing her father, it was a real boost to know that telling her story made a real difference.

The Foundation runs a number of seminars each year for emergency responders, and can also deliver bespoke training in this area. For more information contact our Commissions team at or on 01925 581207.