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Foundation’s Kelly Simcock to address Club de Madrid

October 27, 2015 | Nick Taylor

Today (Tuesday 27th October), Kelly Simcock, the Director of Commissions at the Foundation is in Madrid attending the International Centre for the study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR) and Club de Madrid Policy Dialogue on Countering Violent Extremism.

For the next two days, it will bring together 400 people from all over the world including 40 former Presidents and Prime Ministers, world leading experts and prominent civil society activists, looking at producing a powerful new approach towards countering violent extremism.

The approach aims to combine the knowledge of professional experts, the political know-how of former and current leaders, and the practical experiences of activists and practitioners who are on the front lines in the fight against violent extremism.

The conference will be inaugurated by His Majesty the King of Spain and close with a keynote address by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Kelly is in attendance and will feature as a panel expert in one of the thematic workshops, as a representative of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace, and as Chair of the European Commission’s EU RAN Prevent working group, looking at EU best practice, and reflecting on the RAN’s Manifesto on Education that has contributed to EU policy.

The Foundation led the creation of the manifesto through Kelly’s role as chair and the Foundation’s work now features in the EU RAN Best Practice Guide.

Kelly said of her invitation to speak and attend the conference: ‘There is huge resonance with what we do at the Foundation in the thinking of Club De Madrid.

“The recognition that violent extremism can only truly be stopped through progressive and wide-reaching solutions to conflicts and their underlying causes.

“I am delighted to be able to contribute to the dialogue over the coming days and look forward to seeing how this event can help influence global policy on this issue.”

You can follow the progress of conference and watch all public sessions – see website link below.

UK based ICSR, one of the partners of the conference are live tweeting throughout.

Follow them here and use the hashtag #GlobalConsensus

The full programme and list of participants is available here.

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