Foundation welcomes Stormont House Agreement

December 23, 2014 | Nick Taylor

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace welcomes the broad agreement reached by the Northern Ireland Executive Parties and the British and Irish Governments. The Foundation delivers ‘Survivors for Peace,’ a unique project that assists GB victims, survivors and those affected by ‘the Troubles.’

In particular, the Foundation welcomes that the Stormont House Agreement will ‘take steps to ensure that Victims and Survivors have access to high quality services, respecting the principles of choice and need’ and is delighted that the agreement specifically states that the ‘needs of victims who do not live in Northern Ireland should also be recognised.’

The Foundation also believes that the proposed establishment of an Oral History Archive to provide a central place for people from all backgrounds to share experiences and narratives is an important step forward in the peace process. We are pleased that the agreement recognises the need for such an archive to involve people from across Ireland and Great Britain.

Nick Taylor, Foundation Chief Executive said: “the Troubles took place across our islands and the peace process cannot be allowed to fail.

“We have lobbied hard to ensure that all victims, survivors and those affected, including those who live in Britain and the Republic of Ireland, are fully engaged and represented in any process or future structures.

“This is the only way to achieve a lasting peace.

“We need to involve everybody and this agreement sets the tone for that and allows people from Britain to share their experiences and have their needs recognised.”

The Foundation will be studying the agreement and offering its full support to the Northern Ireland Executive to help implement the proposals.

You can read the full Stormont House Agreement here