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Foundation to mark 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of World War One with the Armistice Pals

July 8, 2014 | Nick Taylor

The Foundation for Peace is to receive support from a new project that brings together a wide selection of distinctive voices from the folk world in a recording of classic anti-war song ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’.

The Armistice Pals community brings together an amazing number of musicians to record Pete Seeger’s 1960 song, that through its lyrics recognised the suffering of war recognises no frontiers. The song has particularly poignancy as we commemorate World War I as it was chosen for inclusion in the funeral of Harry Patch, the last surviving British soldier to have taken part in that war.

In the week starting Sunday November 9th musicians and non-musicians who just have a love of music will be joining together at Folk clubs around the country to hold Armistice Pals nights with the aim to commemorate the war and the people who were affected but also to make sure their sacrifice is not forgotten and with a hope that together we can work to make the world a little better.

The download will be available for purchase and the events used to raise funds for causes that promote peace and anti-war.

Visit the Armistice Pals website

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive, welcomed the initiative: “it is a great pleasure to become part of the Armistice Pals project and to be part of a historic movement that will raise money for our vital work to prevent, resolve and respond to war, terrorism and political violence.

“since the last World War in 1945, we have held an uneasy peace but in the last couple of years the trend is reversed with violent conflict growing and many more deaths.

“this is a wake-up call and whilst we commemorate World War I and the incredible sacrifices made, we must work even harder to turn people away from persuing violence to further their aims. The Armistice Pals can provide a strong voice to do this and help charities like the Foundation continue our work.”

‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’ will be released on Sunday 9th November as a download, cd single and a limited edition 7″ vinyl single. It will be available to pre-order from the usual outlets.

You can get involved – click here to see how you can help


Why The Armistice Pals? – The name chosen for the project is intended to reflect both the agreement at the end of the First World War and the ‘Pals Battalions’, which were made up from communities around Britain where groups of friends and acquaintances from the same town enlisted together, fought together and all too often died together, leaving whole towns and villages shorn of a large proportion of their young men.

The Armistice Pals

In releasing the song in the year of the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World war, the project is intended to recognise the appalling and often senseless sacrifice of so many young lives and the suffering this brought to their loved ones in what should have been ‘the war to end all wars’. In choosing to record a version of ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’ we celebrate the life, songs, contribution and inspiration provided by Pete Seeger in his commitment to the cause of peace and the development of a better world for all, rather than a controlling minority. By bringing together singers from across the folk spectrum we aim to reflect the importance of community in bringing about positive change.