Foundation responds to 2013 Terrorism Acts report

August 14, 2013 | Nick Taylor

The Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation’s third report on the operation of the Terrorism Act 2000 and Part 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006 was published 17th July 2013 by David Anderson QC.

The Foundation discipline is violent conflict prevention, resolution and response.  The charity is an expert in promoting community cohesion and in challenging violent extremism and works with individuals, groups and communities nationally and internationally. Our work includes projects with communities divided by sectarianism and prejudice in Northern Ireland, dialogue and conflict resolution with Palestinians and Israelis; and work with a number of inner city schools in Britain with young people divided by faith and race.

The Foundation represents the United Kingdom on a number of European and International organisations and co-chairs this EU network group in association with the Political Capitol Institute in Hungary.

The Foundation has offered its expertise to the Government Task Force and is continuing to develop and deliver programmes that explore, challenge and change the underlying causes of violent conflict relating to prejudice, attitudes and behaviours.

The third report is welcomed as an accurate reflection but poses many challenges for the Foundation in gaining sustainable funding for its work as global conflict evolves.  The Foundation will be discussing the findings with key stakeholders nationally and international.

Fighting terrorism and violent extremism is not only a question of security measures. The best prevention is to stop people from getting involved in violent extremist or terrorist activities in the first place, or to convince them to turn away from such ideas and methods.

To find out more about the review read the media reports and access via the following links:

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